Sunday, November 28, 2010

Understanding Shiv Linga

Most of the people from other religions find it funny to worship Shiv linga by Hindus. But they have no idea how rich is our cultural & spiritual heritage is & what are the basics of worshiping Shiv Linga. Like me before I got to know about it, most of us also don't know what we are worshiping & why. First of all I shall make it clear that worshiping Shiv Linga has nothing to do with the organ, its only called so because of its resemblance to it. Then what is Shiv Linga?

In our Indian mythology Lord Shiva has been considered as the greatest 'Yogi' with highest level of 'Tapasya' in the Himalayas. He is the father of Yoga & the spiritual enlightenment. So when a person going under intense meditation, he develops an Aura of spiritual energy around his body with awakening of light in his heart. This spiritual aura resembles the shape of the organ - 'Linga'. So in fact Shiv linga is the cloud of spiritual energy around the Shiva. Since it is developed with the light of enlightenment within the heart of Shiva, so it is also called 'Jyotirlinga'

In temples we also see that there is snake around every Shivlinga. In fact that snake is not a snake, its again resembling the summit of spiritualism, i.e., awakened Kundalini. That raises up our body and reaches the highest chakra - Sahasrara Chakra.

See how rich is our culture, by worshiping of Shiva linga we are taking blessings for our spiritual growth.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Home - another best place in Jodhpur

Saturday, September 4, 2010

In the search of Soul

Unveiling the 'Soul' :

  1. What is soul? In what form does it exist?
  2. Does soul exist in all living beings – human, animals, plants, insects & even in micro-organisms?
  3. Does soul exist in the sperm or the egg or it comes into the body after their combination or later when the embryo takes shape of a body?
  4. Can soul be multiplied, born or it travels from one body to another?
  5. Is soul eternal or it can be finished?
  6. Is soul the only difference in life & death?

 I firmly believe that the secret of our existence is in one of these above questions

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Shame on 64th Independence Day

This 64th Independence day is a day of shame of all Indians. We are witnessing the worst time of our so called independence.

- Govt. is thinking of giving autonomy to Kashmir. This govt has no value of the martyrs who fought on land of Kashmir, these weak minded people are now inclined to lose Kashmir. Then will give autonomy to Naxalties, then to Marathi tongue Maharashtra & so on...

- The biggest black faced thief Kalmadi is playing in the lap of our democratic govt.

- Alert to all police forces not to kill any terrorist or the gunda or else they will be put behind the bars like that in Sohrabuddin Sheikh case.

- Country is brutally wounded & bleeding by Naxalties. Is our army & hi-tech defence force is so poor that they can't clean these bloody bugs.

- Crores of wheat is wasted & nobody is held reponsible for it. On the other hand crores of poor people are crying of hunger.

- One after another trains are meeting accidents killing hundreds of people, & no shame or responsibility is there.

- Govt policies are bound to suck blood of people through increasing prices & then hike in petrol price too.

- Shameful adulteration in food items & even milk is at its peak.

- 64 trucks of arms & ammunition from Rajasthan & 35 from other states are missing!!

What else is left behind to say & think of now. Is this the Independence day we are going to celebrate. This is the realization for all of us that this is not the real independence. This is time to wake up to fight again for the real freedom!

A Call for Freedom

Ab tak humein yahi maalum tha ki humara desh 200 saalon tak angrejon ka ghulam tha. Aur unko desh se bhaga kar hum 15 Aug, 1947 ko azaad ho gaye. Par kya yahi sach tha? Kya itna bada hindustan mutthi bhar angrejo ka ghulam tha? Is desh ko ghulam banaya tha un hazaron-laakhon bhaartiyon ne jo un angrejon ki hukumat ko sar-anjam dete thhe. Lathiyon se desh-bhakto ke sir ko todne wale haath unhi logon ke the, un angrejo ke nahi!!

Humara desh sirf gori chamdi se azad hua hai, unke pyaadon se nahi. Jo aaj bhi humare desh ko loot rahen hai, garibon ke haq ke paise se apni tijorian aur Swiss account bhar rahe hein. khule-aam loot ho rahi hai, khoon bah raha hai aur saara desh sirf tamasha dekh raha hai. Jo sarkar aur koi bhi vyakti jo is desh ko nuksaan pahuncha raha hai, unki ragon mein unhi angrejo ke pyaado ka khoon daud raha hai. Aur yah haqiqat aaj har sachha hindustani mehsoos kar raha hai. Azadi ki jung 1947 mein hi khatm nahi ho sakti, azadi ki jung aaj phir se shuru karne ka samay hai. Is loot ko, desh ki is barbadi ko humein aaj hi rokna hoga, warna aane wale kal ko apne desh par garv karne ka mauka bhi na milega.

Toh aao hum sab milkar ek nayi shakti banaye jo is desh ko sachhi azadi dilane ke liye krit-sankalp ho. Aur mein maanta hoon ki, yadi sankalp sachha aur uski disha sahi ho to namumkin kuchh bhi nahi.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Morning Thoughts

Our hearts purity is the only surety of God's presence in us. 

God has given us our life for everyone and we live & use it for ourselves only.

We should always be happy with ourselves so much that others also try to find their happiness with us, vice-versa they will move away from us.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Power of Meditation

We are sad when we search our happiness in others, but if we could find our happiness inside us then nothing in the world could make us sad.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Life & Astrology

A day before yesterday I met an astrologer, he saw my Janm-Kundli. Since I believe that our astrology is a very rich science & has seen so many examples of its truth, so on a recommendation of a friend I met an astrologer. On analyzing my kundli, he told me that I'm clean by heart & of good nature, sometimes people also try to take advantage of it, but I don't much care of that and somewhere its good for my future.

I thought if it is written in my kundli, then whatever I think & act is all because god has made me so, then what is my involvement in it to be a good person? If god would have written bad of me, probably I would think and do bad things in my life, like any other bad person, then would I be responsible for that? It all seems like that we are just playing our role in a real life movie that is given to us. If I enjoy fruits of my good deeds then its because I am meant for that & vice versa.

Where we are in our life, how we are responsible for it, when it is all already decided for us. We see some people are born with their inborn qualities that take them to heights, they are god gifted for that & those who are not just left behind. But I believe that we are given just seeds of such things & those who could discover it in their inner self can take their life to great heights with these seeds. On the other hand those who keep on treading worldly pleasures fail to know that they too have such qualities with which they can achieve success in their life.

Just like that, our kundli is just a framework or a faint sketch of our life, hardly 30-40% of our life depends on it, rest is what we create with our deeds. It only gives us direction of life or gives us stage to perform & it depends on us how we perform on it.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Chilled water harmful to us

Its a common phenomenon that heat always run towards cold to balance the temperature. When we drink chilled water with its temperature much lower than our body, our body uses its heat energy to bring the temperature of cold water upto the body temperature. Every time we drink chilled water we lose certain part of our energy just to balance the temperature. This weakens our body resistance power to bear hot temperature outside.

Sometimes drinking too much cold water just after coming from high temperature outside, disturbs our body temperature also, that leads to headache and little fever. It is best to drink soil-pot water in every season. 

Love Rainbow

Just like the rainbow, Love also has so many colours, with each & every colour having their own meaning & value in everyone's life...just like --

Red Love - Red love is the most beautiful love in this world. This is for the soul-mates & life partners. This is observed in so many things like mehandi, sindoor, etc. Red is also the sign of alarm...

Yellow Love - Yellow love is for those who maintain & keeps up the beauty of purity, sanctity & decorum of their relationship with mutual respect & sharing. Who else other than friends could be blessed with this sacred love! This love is for real friends.

Green Love - Love traffic open for everyone. This is like mother nature's love where there is equal love for everyone around us.

White Love - White love is most often observed under compulsion (ceasefire), service (nursing) & duty. This works good to maintain peace and harmony, can also be called as "Peace Love".

Blue Love - Blue love is somewhat 'sin love', usually observed in pre-marital & extra-marital affairs.

Pink Love – Pink love is blissed for a mother to her baby. This is another boon love to all cute babies. Pink love buds out from the Red Love as a sign of love of the Red-lovers.

Orange Love - Hey! no need to tell about this love....yeah its love towards the nation, that resides in the hearts of every Indian......"Basanti Love".

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Shame on our excuses

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Save happiness in life

Got an sms - "Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is when relationship dies inside us while we are alive."
Very true, how can we afford this loss atleast for those who are good ones.

Sometimes in life we have to live with not so good things, habits, situations or people and we adjust ourselves with them. On the other hand, we always have big expectations from  good people in our life for whom we can't bear a single mistake or a misunderstanding & let things get down. Anything that is good in our life is god's gift to us, but we can't understand its value with our carelessness, self ego or narrow thoughts. Time never returns, every moment is taking something from our life, that we can never ever get back. So never lose anything good in life at any cost before its too late to realize its value.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Value good people

This world already lacks good people & I don't want to have this in my life.... that's why I'm always in search of good people to be in my life as friends, in all those whom I meet on net or in real life. I'm not too much professional in business bcoz I'm not a machine, I'm a social being & love good people those who are in my life & am loved by all of them. I'm always ready to be with my friends for anything they need without any self interest. Bcoz true friendship means a lot to me.

But sometimes people can't understand me & my virtues for this, and take me on other way & this really hurts. But I always try my best to not to lose those who are good by their heart, I can't afford to lose them at any cost bcoz mistakes can be done by anyone... we should not take them serious if the person is true. On the other hand I don't care for a moment of those who are wickeds & intentionally try to harm others.

I believe its not easy to judge anybody by what we see, we should always be positive & let positive things turn to us... or else we may lose a good person in our life by little or mis-understanding.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Everyone in this world wants to be happy, but its not always possible for us. We lose our happiness when things are not going according to us and we have no control over it. Unhappiness begins with loss of control, i.e., when situations are out of control or when we or someone near us have no control what to speak or what not to or our health is not going well. In all these we always try to get control over things, situations, people or our health to make them well.

I have noticed that some people can handle everything wery easily that we can't. It is their own quality to get control of things very easily. This quality can be developed or improved in everyone. Things always go smoothly when we have control over it. So, now the question is how to get control of everything around us. You might have heard "where there is a will, there is a way". When we can't see a way, then its an opportunity to create one of our own. A well balanced mind can do more positive things then a disturbed one. To get over things we need to start from ourselves. Need to control our mind and body. To start with we need to control our eating & living habits, need to go close to nature (i.e., to live in a more natural way). If we can't manage ourselves we can't manage anything else in life. We know what is good & what is bad for us, so just stop ignoring bad things, better avoid them. Now coming to the main point, start controlling your breathe by a proper practice of pranayam, along with meditation. This will not only purify our mind & body, but will also keep our mind cool & balanced by a proper supply of oxygen to it. To achieve all this needs a lot of determination & will. With continuous working on all this results would certainly come, that'll bring & maintain happiness in our life.

I've started my journey again, so just accompany me to unfold more simple truths of our life.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Recollecting myself bit by bit....

Yesterday while chatting to a net friend, I asked her that what u want to do in your life? she said she don't know yet. God has given us the most precious thing of the whole universe, 'life', but we don't know what to do with it. We have never thought of it, rather we always aim to become something or to gain something materialistic.

I was with my old friend Vineet last evening. This guy has done engineering, established his own business, working day & night. I just said him that one day we'll grow old working like this & we might not realize when we've passed our life. He said very true, even after his last 3 years of marriage he couldn't enjoy his life, just got indulged in daily chores of life only.

It is nature's cycle to born, grow, reproduce, take care of family and die one day & life is lost without doing anything for which we are given this life. What is difference in us and any other living being on this earth, just to be a part of such life cycle.

We are losing this life daily, almost every minute without living for real purpose of it. It is our duty to live for our family, but not the sole aim of our life. We are living for the pleasure of our body, external things & other people around us. We are living for our body not for our soul.

To know what to do of this life we will have to know ourself, our inner self, need to know our soul. If once we could discover our soul it would be very easy to know the purpose of our life. We will start living for our soul then. Pleasures of soul are always richer then that of body.

I myself was lost somewhere in this world in last 3 years, but now its time to begin my journey again, time to recollect myself bit by bit..


Love, something the most beautiful & precious gift of nature to our life, something that helps us to complete our life cycle of nature (i.e., born, grow, reproduce, take care of family and die). When we are in love we start thinking of someone, we start living for someone & this someone leads us to a family for whom we need to live & die for. Love brings a feel of completeness as it brings beauty to our life, gives new aim to our life (aim that is same for everyone here). Love helps us to know ourself, to discover ourself through someone else in our life, who becomes integral part of our life. Love is the song of life, reason to breathe, life of each pore of our body, something magical and mystical in this nature. That is how nature helps us to live a part of our life to complete its life cycle.

Love is God's blessings to live & die for someone for whom it is worth to die for.