Sunday, February 17, 2013

Naari Shakti

Being a woman, she may not know the power of love of a women. But being a man I can feel its strength in me. No matter its love of a mother, sister, friend or wife. Its there in her presence wherever she is in our life.

I have felt its absence whenever my mother or bhabhi go out of home sometimes, as if her presence silently, unknowingly showers her power on each one of us.

There is no home without a women, no world without her.

I revere her, in whatever way she comes to me with pure heart full of love, respect  & devotion towards her. Love may differ with its colors from relation to relation, but its there for everyone in my life in its pure & sacred form. Thats the only way to reach the eternal supreme power of nature & to have its bliss in our life.