Sunday, May 9, 2010

Chilled water harmful to us

Its a common phenomenon that heat always run towards cold to balance the temperature. When we drink chilled water with its temperature much lower than our body, our body uses its heat energy to bring the temperature of cold water upto the body temperature. Every time we drink chilled water we lose certain part of our energy just to balance the temperature. This weakens our body resistance power to bear hot temperature outside.

Sometimes drinking too much cold water just after coming from high temperature outside, disturbs our body temperature also, that leads to headache and little fever. It is best to drink soil-pot water in every season. 

Love Rainbow

Just like the rainbow, Love also has so many colours, with each & every colour having their own meaning & value in everyone's life...just like --

Red Love - Red love is the most beautiful love in this world. This is for the soul-mates & life partners. This is observed in so many things like mehandi, sindoor, etc. Red is also the sign of alarm...

Yellow Love - Yellow love is for those who maintain & keeps up the beauty of purity, sanctity & decorum of their relationship with mutual respect & sharing. Who else other than friends could be blessed with this sacred love! This love is for real friends.

Green Love - Love traffic open for everyone. This is like mother nature's love where there is equal love for everyone around us.

White Love - White love is most often observed under compulsion (ceasefire), service (nursing) & duty. This works good to maintain peace and harmony, can also be called as "Peace Love".

Blue Love - Blue love is somewhat 'sin love', usually observed in pre-marital & extra-marital affairs.

Pink Love – Pink love is blissed for a mother to her baby. This is another boon love to all cute babies. Pink love buds out from the Red Love as a sign of love of the Red-lovers.

Orange Love - Hey! no need to tell about this love....yeah its love towards the nation, that resides in the hearts of every Indian......"Basanti Love".

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Shame on our excuses