Friday, July 6, 2012

Science of Happiness & Pain

To know the mystery of happiness we’ll have to know our aura first. Our aura is a cloud of charged ions & waves around us. Whatever we think, feel, speak or do whether positive or negative, its information is stored in these charged ions of our aura. The ions with positive info gives out positive waves & the negative ones gives negative energy. These waves keeps on effecting our mood, day to day life, health, relations with others and shapes our future steps & opportunities. If we’ll think & do good then good will come to us.

So many people complain that when they are good & have never done bad then why they are facing bad things in their life. Well, its not enough to be only good, one also have to be strong enough to keep away bad things. The way our peace of mind get disturb by other people's unwanted words or deeds, our aura also get effected by external good or bad waves.

So, to have a strong aura we’ll need more number of positive charged ions & have to increase our spiritual energy level. We’ll have to maintain purity of heart, love for everyone, always to think good & feel good. Besides it, we’ll also have to cleanse our aura daily by taking sunrise waves, meditation, blessings of God, blessings & wishes of good people. This will also strengthen our will to keep away negative waves & will maintain a balance in our life. Along with all this, we'll also have to take care of our eating & other habits. Should avoid eating non-veg, alcohol & all such 'taamsik' stuffs, being 'saatvik' is the key to the bliss. By taking care of all these things, we’ll not only have a happy life but also a blissful life.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Love & Relations

Love is a journey of heart through mind, body & soul. Love is not permanent until it reaches the level of soul & it can never be attained by the people of lewd nature. To reach the level of soul a pleasant feel of being together has to be maintained throughout. Sometimes, the harmony of love which starts from liking each other at initial level get distorts due to disliking of certain things later in each other, which results in little distraction, avoiding, ignoring, caring less, comparing with others or even hurting each other.

Mostly one partner couldn't tell the other what he/she don't like in him/her & the other one keep on maintaining the relation with their efforts & a heavy heart. This happens in most relations. To keep relation healthy, one should understand that one can't have everything nor they themselves have and try to accept the way they are. However, if they don't like anything, then they should tell them with intention to improve it & the other one should also hear & accept it keeping their ego aside & together work to improve it.

The bliss of love is more precious then anything else in the world, it should be maintained at any cost.

If you agree, then share it with your lovers & have a happy love life... :)