Saturday, June 19, 2010

Morning Thoughts

Our hearts purity is the only surety of God's presence in us. 

God has given us our life for everyone and we live & use it for ourselves only.

We should always be happy with ourselves so much that others also try to find their happiness with us, vice-versa they will move away from us.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Power of Meditation

We are sad when we search our happiness in others, but if we could find our happiness inside us then nothing in the world could make us sad.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Life & Astrology

A day before yesterday I met an astrologer, he saw my Janm-Kundli. Since I believe that our astrology is a very rich science & has seen so many examples of its truth, so on a recommendation of a friend I met an astrologer. On analyzing my kundli, he told me that I'm clean by heart & of good nature, sometimes people also try to take advantage of it, but I don't much care of that and somewhere its good for my future.

I thought if it is written in my kundli, then whatever I think & act is all because god has made me so, then what is my involvement in it to be a good person? If god would have written bad of me, probably I would think and do bad things in my life, like any other bad person, then would I be responsible for that? It all seems like that we are just playing our role in a real life movie that is given to us. If I enjoy fruits of my good deeds then its because I am meant for that & vice versa.

Where we are in our life, how we are responsible for it, when it is all already decided for us. We see some people are born with their inborn qualities that take them to heights, they are god gifted for that & those who are not just left behind. But I believe that we are given just seeds of such things & those who could discover it in their inner self can take their life to great heights with these seeds. On the other hand those who keep on treading worldly pleasures fail to know that they too have such qualities with which they can achieve success in their life.

Just like that, our kundli is just a framework or a faint sketch of our life, hardly 30-40% of our life depends on it, rest is what we create with our deeds. It only gives us direction of life or gives us stage to perform & it depends on us how we perform on it.