Sunday, May 8, 2011


Can we bound love, wisdom & humanity in any religion?

Can we bound air, water or light in any religion?

Then how can we bound God & ourselves in any religion?

God is almighty & is above all boundaries & so as all its creations including human beings. So dividing ourselves from others in the name of religion is against the God. These religions are just the different ways to worship God & teachings to live for humanity as a whole. What will be the difference if I pray God in temple, mosque or church or just by my heart without going anywhere. It is only these priests who divide us for their mean intentions of showing their supremacy over others. Whereas supremacy is not in the way of pray, it is in the purity with which we pray.

I born & live with my religion. My religion is to realize & to live for my family, motherland & humanity. So, it is our perception & performing our duties that forms our religion we live for & it could be different for different people & even for two brothers as per their thoughts & aims of life.

True Religion is not the way we pray to God, but it is to follow the path of God to live for love, peace & humanity as a whole that cannot be bounded by any boundaries. We need to see & feel God beyond these shear boundaries, as "God has no religion its only we who need it to pray God".!/home.php?sk=group_102640456484036&view=permalink&id=119020231512725

Are you a true patriot... make sure of it

Any one who say that he loves his/her country should first know what the meaning of our nation is. Our nation India means people from Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism & Jainism. All are integral parts of our motherland. If you love your religion more then others then you don't love your whole country nor you are a true patriot. You can't love a part of our country and hate the other. Love towards other religion will come through sacrifice, sacrifice of our personal concerns over national interests. That is the only virtue of being Indian. So, don't ever talk about anything that spreads hatred instead of love, nor let your brotherhood relation disturbed by any incident or acts by anti-national-integrity forces.

dararein diwaron ki neev hoti hain aur diwarein hi mulk to baatati hein... hum ek honge toh desh majboot hoga warna humare haatho se hi yeh desh kamjor hoga..

Communalism on Gujarat riots

All those who are behind Godhara & Malegaon blasts & riots should stop raising their eyebrows on each other. This will lead to nothing more than hatred and such another incident in future. Though we condemn all such acts that are against humanity but we condemn more the poison of communalism that is prevailing with hatred on both sides, which result in such riots. When we are biased towards a community we are discarding nation’s interest over that of the community, that is not at all true patriotism. The way we are crying on for the last 8 years over the consequences of such riots we should now will have to think & act for those 7000 killings of our people by hunger that is going on daily in our country. Clean up your hearts towards each other and let us show this poison that we are true Indians and can ignore everything in front of interests of our nation.

Our mission starts with spreading love & awakening patriotism amongst all sects & people of India.

Janani janm bhumisch swargadapi gariyasi.
(heaven is lower than mother and motherland)

Jai Hind,
Jai Bharat Nirman Sena