Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Save happiness in life

Got an sms - "Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is when relationship dies inside us while we are alive."
Very true, how can we afford this loss atleast for those who are good ones.

Sometimes in life we have to live with not so good things, habits, situations or people and we adjust ourselves with them. On the other hand, we always have big expectations from  good people in our life for whom we can't bear a single mistake or a misunderstanding & let things get down. Anything that is good in our life is god's gift to us, but we can't understand its value with our carelessness, self ego or narrow thoughts. Time never returns, every moment is taking something from our life, that we can never ever get back. So never lose anything good in life at any cost before its too late to realize its value.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Value good people

This world already lacks good people & I don't want to have this in my life.... that's why I'm always in search of good people to be in my life as friends, in all those whom I meet on net or in real life. I'm not too much professional in business bcoz I'm not a machine, I'm a social being & love good people those who are in my life & am loved by all of them. I'm always ready to be with my friends for anything they need without any self interest. Bcoz true friendship means a lot to me.

But sometimes people can't understand me & my virtues for this, and take me on other way & this really hurts. But I always try my best to not to lose those who are good by their heart, I can't afford to lose them at any cost bcoz mistakes can be done by anyone... we should not take them serious if the person is true. On the other hand I don't care for a moment of those who are wickeds & intentionally try to harm others.

I believe its not easy to judge anybody by what we see, we should always be positive & let positive things turn to us... or else we may lose a good person in our life by little or mis-understanding.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Everyone in this world wants to be happy, but its not always possible for us. We lose our happiness when things are not going according to us and we have no control over it. Unhappiness begins with loss of control, i.e., when situations are out of control or when we or someone near us have no control what to speak or what not to or our health is not going well. In all these we always try to get control over things, situations, people or our health to make them well.

I have noticed that some people can handle everything wery easily that we can't. It is their own quality to get control of things very easily. This quality can be developed or improved in everyone. Things always go smoothly when we have control over it. So, now the question is how to get control of everything around us. You might have heard "where there is a will, there is a way". When we can't see a way, then its an opportunity to create one of our own. A well balanced mind can do more positive things then a disturbed one. To get over things we need to start from ourselves. Need to control our mind and body. To start with we need to control our eating & living habits, need to go close to nature (i.e., to live in a more natural way). If we can't manage ourselves we can't manage anything else in life. We know what is good & what is bad for us, so just stop ignoring bad things, better avoid them. Now coming to the main point, start controlling your breathe by a proper practice of pranayam, along with meditation. This will not only purify our mind & body, but will also keep our mind cool & balanced by a proper supply of oxygen to it. To achieve all this needs a lot of determination & will. With continuous working on all this results would certainly come, that'll bring & maintain happiness in our life.

I've started my journey again, so just accompany me to unfold more simple truths of our life.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Recollecting myself bit by bit....

Yesterday while chatting to a net friend, I asked her that what u want to do in your life? she said she don't know yet. God has given us the most precious thing of the whole universe, 'life', but we don't know what to do with it. We have never thought of it, rather we always aim to become something or to gain something materialistic.

I was with my old friend Vineet last evening. This guy has done engineering, established his own business, working day & night. I just said him that one day we'll grow old working like this & we might not realize when we've passed our life. He said very true, even after his last 3 years of marriage he couldn't enjoy his life, just got indulged in daily chores of life only.

It is nature's cycle to born, grow, reproduce, take care of family and die one day & life is lost without doing anything for which we are given this life. What is difference in us and any other living being on this earth, just to be a part of such life cycle.

We are losing this life daily, almost every minute without living for real purpose of it. It is our duty to live for our family, but not the sole aim of our life. We are living for the pleasure of our body, external things & other people around us. We are living for our body not for our soul.

To know what to do of this life we will have to know ourself, our inner self, need to know our soul. If once we could discover our soul it would be very easy to know the purpose of our life. We will start living for our soul then. Pleasures of soul are always richer then that of body.

I myself was lost somewhere in this world in last 3 years, but now its time to begin my journey again, time to recollect myself bit by bit..


Love, something the most beautiful & precious gift of nature to our life, something that helps us to complete our life cycle of nature (i.e., born, grow, reproduce, take care of family and die). When we are in love we start thinking of someone, we start living for someone & this someone leads us to a family for whom we need to live & die for. Love brings a feel of completeness as it brings beauty to our life, gives new aim to our life (aim that is same for everyone here). Love helps us to know ourself, to discover ourself through someone else in our life, who becomes integral part of our life. Love is the song of life, reason to breathe, life of each pore of our body, something magical and mystical in this nature. That is how nature helps us to live a part of our life to complete its life cycle.

Love is God's blessings to live & die for someone for whom it is worth to die for.