Monday, April 5, 2010

Recollecting myself bit by bit....

Yesterday while chatting to a net friend, I asked her that what u want to do in your life? she said she don't know yet. God has given us the most precious thing of the whole universe, 'life', but we don't know what to do with it. We have never thought of it, rather we always aim to become something or to gain something materialistic.

I was with my old friend Vineet last evening. This guy has done engineering, established his own business, working day & night. I just said him that one day we'll grow old working like this & we might not realize when we've passed our life. He said very true, even after his last 3 years of marriage he couldn't enjoy his life, just got indulged in daily chores of life only.

It is nature's cycle to born, grow, reproduce, take care of family and die one day & life is lost without doing anything for which we are given this life. What is difference in us and any other living being on this earth, just to be a part of such life cycle.

We are losing this life daily, almost every minute without living for real purpose of it. It is our duty to live for our family, but not the sole aim of our life. We are living for the pleasure of our body, external things & other people around us. We are living for our body not for our soul.

To know what to do of this life we will have to know ourself, our inner self, need to know our soul. If once we could discover our soul it would be very easy to know the purpose of our life. We will start living for our soul then. Pleasures of soul are always richer then that of body.

I myself was lost somewhere in this world in last 3 years, but now its time to begin my journey again, time to recollect myself bit by bit..

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  1. very true friend, i was lost all my 24years. I really appreciate the tagline of bollywood flick - Lakshya which says "it took him 24years and 12000ft to know his aim!" Ofcourse, i am lil lower than 12000feet but i am 24 and now i know why i am here.