Monday, April 5, 2010


Love, something the most beautiful & precious gift of nature to our life, something that helps us to complete our life cycle of nature (i.e., born, grow, reproduce, take care of family and die). When we are in love we start thinking of someone, we start living for someone & this someone leads us to a family for whom we need to live & die for. Love brings a feel of completeness as it brings beauty to our life, gives new aim to our life (aim that is same for everyone here). Love helps us to know ourself, to discover ourself through someone else in our life, who becomes integral part of our life. Love is the song of life, reason to breathe, life of each pore of our body, something magical and mystical in this nature. That is how nature helps us to live a part of our life to complete its life cycle.

Love is God's blessings to live & die for someone for whom it is worth to die for.

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