Sunday, May 8, 2011


Can we bound love, wisdom & humanity in any religion?

Can we bound air, water or light in any religion?

Then how can we bound God & ourselves in any religion?

God is almighty & is above all boundaries & so as all its creations including human beings. So dividing ourselves from others in the name of religion is against the God. These religions are just the different ways to worship God & teachings to live for humanity as a whole. What will be the difference if I pray God in temple, mosque or church or just by my heart without going anywhere. It is only these priests who divide us for their mean intentions of showing their supremacy over others. Whereas supremacy is not in the way of pray, it is in the purity with which we pray.

I born & live with my religion. My religion is to realize & to live for my family, motherland & humanity. So, it is our perception & performing our duties that forms our religion we live for & it could be different for different people & even for two brothers as per their thoughts & aims of life.

True Religion is not the way we pray to God, but it is to follow the path of God to live for love, peace & humanity as a whole that cannot be bounded by any boundaries. We need to see & feel God beyond these shear boundaries, as "God has no religion its only we who need it to pray God".!/home.php?sk=group_102640456484036&view=permalink&id=119020231512725

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  1. Thats true....Our true religion should be humanity..