Saturday, September 4, 2010

In the search of Soul

Unveiling the 'Soul' :

  1. What is soul? In what form does it exist?
  2. Does soul exist in all living beings – human, animals, plants, insects & even in micro-organisms?
  3. Does soul exist in the sperm or the egg or it comes into the body after their combination or later when the embryo takes shape of a body?
  4. Can soul be multiplied, born or it travels from one body to another?
  5. Is soul eternal or it can be finished?
  6. Is soul the only difference in life & death?

 I firmly believe that the secret of our existence is in one of these above questions


  1. Chetan, These are my views on the above...

    I believe soul is a form of energy. Just like electricity. What form does it exist? Soul must be existing as bio electro magnetic waves.

    Soul exists in all living things.In varying amount of energy.

    The question is like asking if my soul exist in my left hand or right hand. It exists in you which includes both ur hands. It exists throughout ur body. Kirlian Photography able to capture phantom limbs gives additional stress to this point. Electricity existing in wires alone wont light a bulb.

    Souls can merge themselves into the supernatural power or god as we call it. It is the highest form of energy. It can merge to it or travel to another body as another soul.

    Soul is eternal.Cannot be created, cannot be destroyed.

    Only difference in life and death is not soul. It is the body. Soul can exist without body.

  2. thanks a lot! all my questions are very well answered, but also raised new things to explore more in depth.

    You are right, Soul might be in the form of cloud of charged ions with electro-magnetic & waves properties. It may also carry information without the need of any solid body to store.

    We assume that Soul exists in all living things & it is unique in each one. It means it is also in the micro organism and the smallest cell of any body. If we cut a Rose plant stem and bury it in soil it will also grow as another new plant. If someone donates kidney, it can be kept alive for 48 hours & eye for several days in eyebank. This shows Soul is just like the charge in the body cells, a part of it can be separated from the main body and can be grown in the new unique soul or can be stored along with the organ for some time and can be merged with another soul on transplant.

    See Kirlian Photography of metal object it shows the charge in any charged body like a human body -

    As per world population census the number of human souls increased from 1 billion (1804) to 6.7 billions (2008). Are they new born ones or multiplied or traveled from ....? I don't know from where new little organisms born in an air tight can of beans to eat them up.

    Does an egg has soul or it appears in it only when hen sits on it to warm it up to a chick.

    In an atom an electron revolves round the nucleus emitting energy. In every living cell charge is there. When a body grows from an egg to a grown up body, number of body cells also increase to millions in count that continuously generates electro-magnetic energy. The charge from similar body cells have similar physical properties that keeps them closely bounded as charged ions even after the death of the body. This cloud of charged ions also carries information in its wave form that remains within it as its identity and other information that a person have before his death.

  3. Dear ones,
    It is utterly useless to comment on something that should be experienced. Its like standing near swimming pool and discussing water. Dive and drink to know what it is.
    When thoughts cease in mind, these questions are dropped and in that utter silence. Soul (self) is revealed.