Saturday, August 14, 2010

Shame on 64th Independence Day

This 64th Independence day is a day of shame of all Indians. We are witnessing the worst time of our so called independence.

- Govt. is thinking of giving autonomy to Kashmir. This govt has no value of the martyrs who fought on land of Kashmir, these weak minded people are now inclined to lose Kashmir. Then will give autonomy to Naxalties, then to Marathi tongue Maharashtra & so on...

- The biggest black faced thief Kalmadi is playing in the lap of our democratic govt.

- Alert to all police forces not to kill any terrorist or the gunda or else they will be put behind the bars like that in Sohrabuddin Sheikh case.

- Country is brutally wounded & bleeding by Naxalties. Is our army & hi-tech defence force is so poor that they can't clean these bloody bugs.

- Crores of wheat is wasted & nobody is held reponsible for it. On the other hand crores of poor people are crying of hunger.

- One after another trains are meeting accidents killing hundreds of people, & no shame or responsibility is there.

- Govt policies are bound to suck blood of people through increasing prices & then hike in petrol price too.

- Shameful adulteration in food items & even milk is at its peak.

- 64 trucks of arms & ammunition from Rajasthan & 35 from other states are missing!!

What else is left behind to say & think of now. Is this the Independence day we are going to celebrate. This is the realization for all of us that this is not the real independence. This is time to wake up to fight again for the real freedom!

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