Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mind feeds

The bliss of life is to give love to everyone without expecting in return.

► A liar can be nice, a honest can be blunt.. 
    but people always like nice one over the honest one.

Your silence against atrocities is the only thing exploiter needs from you.

Don't be the character of your life, also be the audience & critic of your play in life.

Falling in Love means- "Fall of mind 15 inch down on heart."

Tyaag bina Tap nahi, tap bina Dhyan nahi, dhyan bina Gyan nahi, gyan bina Jeevan nahi..

A little change in the direction at starting point can go on huge difference in the long run.

Life begins with only one question - "What I am in this world for???"

►  Why do we wait for fire to reach our home to wake up?

apne dhyan ka dhyan rakhna hi dhyan hai.

Is desh me Shivaji tabhi paida honge jab naari Jija Bai banengi.

When u can't kill a corrupt, kill his image as such that everyone spit on him.. so that he can't raise his head next   

aasakti trishna paida karti hai aur trishna kuntha ko..
    kuntha se vikrati hoti hai aur vikrati se sab kuchh nasht ho jata hai.. insaan sivaai dukh aur kshobh ke kuchh haasil 
    nahi kar pata..

    isliye aasakti se bachna hi shreyashkar hai...

Har stithi me sahaj bhaav banaye rakhna hi dhyan hai..

Aasakti, moh, krodh, lobh se mukt rahna hi sahaj bhaav hai..

Jivan, swayam ko chetan karne ki ek yatra hai.

The way a piece of iron can become a magnet, a common person can also become great... just need to believe

We feel nothing will happen by doing this, while the exploiters always afraid of our every little step against them.

Sleeping public & corrupt rulers don't need enemies to destroy the nation.

A good resolution in the morning can make the day.

मंदिर में मूर्ति की प्राण - प्रतिष्ठा इंसान करते हैं, इंसान की प्राण - प्रतिष्ठा स्वयं भगवान करते हैं..
फिर भी हम हमारे अन्दर के ईश्वर को भुलाकर बाहर ढुंडते हैं.....

Every individual must choose one way to serve humanity & pursue it throughout their life.

Mostly we think of past happenings instead of new things..
Will have to change our way of thinking to have a constructive approach towards life.

Kids are always proud of their parents who are of very good character & of high moral values... Will you give that
    chance to your kids to be proud of you..?

Improve yourself upto the level to be happy with yourself... :)

है जीत उसकी जो चले लेकर निर्णय अपनी जीत का... हो जाएँ कितनी मुश्किल, न छोड़े राह अपनी मंजिल का

Dream of every terrorist is to be a VIP Guest of Indian Govt.

Kyun na sabhi muslim biradari ek fatwa jaari kar de ki jo bhi muslim terrorist activity me lipt hoga wo kaum se  
    bedakhal kar diya jayega...!

We are sad when we search our happiness in others, but if we could find
    our happiness inside us then nothing in the world could make us sad.

Let the God be with you... give him a chance for you... be always on the true path with purity of thoughts &   

Problems come to us to test our Will, not to make us live with them.
Fight till end & let your Will Win.

darta wo hai jo galat ho, agar aapme sachaai hai to aapko bhagwan se bhi darne ki jarurat nahi.

God is only with those who deserve him to be with them.

Live for the nation to have a blissful life. 

Ek jamane me duscharitra aur badnaam log kothe par sharab peene aur naach dekhne jaate the..
    Phir 4th class log cinema me C-grade adult movie dekne jaate...
    Aur aajkal TV aur internet se yeh sab ghar-ghar aa gaya hai.. sharab ki partiyo ka trend sa ho gaya hai jisme ladkiya   

    bhi shaamil hoti hai... pata nahi aise maa-baap apne bachon ko kya sanskar denge.. aur unke bache na jane kya gul  
    Samay ke saath charitra ki paribhasha aur sanskaro ke maap-dand bhi badal chuke hain...

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