Friday, August 19, 2011


India is not only a piece of land and known by people & resources... this is the mother of all civilization, culture, ethics, knowledge, languages, science, technology and the most precious thing that only our nation introduced to the world is 'Spiritualism'. This is the land of glorious past, have faced several attacks of intruders from around the world, but no power on this earth can destroy us... no matter we were tortured, killed, converted, plundered, our scriptures burnt... every time we have raised from the ashes maintaining our strong continuity with our glorious past. The blood is still the same running through our veins having the same strength to dethrone the plunderers of our great motherland... We just need to be united & roar in one voice to gain complete independence for our nation.

Jai Bharat Nirman Sena

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